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Our vision here at Quinlan Baptist Church is to make an impact in the lives of people by carrying out the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ.  It is to be a place for people to get help; in essence a home to the hurting for those that have been rejected, going through affliction, and battling storms and circumstances.



We are a conservative, independent, fundamental Baptist church.


We still believe in honoring God and putting our Saviour first in our lives.


We have programs and ministries for every member of your family.  We have fun and exciting children's programs, a spiritual and energetic youth ministry, and all kinds of fellowship and growth opportunities for adults.


We use the hymnal to sing songs of praise to our Lord.   We avoid the new style "praise and worship" which in most cases is a veiled attempt to bring the world's music into the church by dressing it up with Christian words.


We use the King James 1611 Bible for every lesson, message, devotion, etc.  Our preacher still preaches the Bible like preachers of old.


We still give an invitation at the close of every service, inviting folks to pray and make decisions for God at the altar.


We still hold at least three services a week, believing it is helpful for Christians to gather "so much the more" in these last days. Fellowship with other Christians and the preaching and teaching of the Word of God will help you and your family if you'll let it.

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If you are growing tired of shallow songs and messages...


If you are looking for that something you used to find in conservative Baptist churches...


If you are looking to be challenged to serve the Lord with your life...


If you are looking to be known and cared for as an individual...


If you are looking for a place still lifting up the name of Jesus...


If you are looking...You will find it at QBC!

Come find your place and see what you are missing at
Quinlan Baptist Church !

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